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Healthcare Industry Specific Employee Screening

The healthcare industry has a high level of risk and responsibility due to working with vulnerable patients. It is not enough to just perform the FBI Fingerprint background checks often mandated by state regulations.  It is important that healthcare organizations have an employee screening program that protects your patients and organization to reduce your risk of penalties. 

In addition to criminal and verification screenings, MyHRScreens specializes in offering a comprehensive Occupational Health Screening Management program that provides an efficient solution for you and your applicants. Our extensive network provides you access to over 10,000 collection sites, including over 4,000 that support electronic chain of custodies.

Utilizing our Greenlight workflow hub, your applicants will receive an easy-to-use interface while your administrative team enjoys a customizable solution that can be integrated into most HRIS systems. In fact, our easy to use interface can also provide your applicant an electronic chain of custody for all of their occupational screenings eliminating the need for paper forms. 


Whether you are hiring healthcare professionals, administrators, or any other position, MyHRScreens has the expertise and technology to create a screening solution that meets your unique compliance and risk needs.​

















                        Learn more about how we work in the healthcare industry by listening to our MyHRBuzz podcast                          with Suzy Hansmann, Sr. VP of Human Resource at Grace Management, inc.  HERE.  

Healthcare Volunteer Screening Services

Volunteers are an important part of a healthcare organization. However, the same volunteers can tarnish the organization’s reputation or worse be involved in theft, violence or another act. It is important that organizations know who they are working with for the protection of their beneficiaries.

MyHRScreens can help you develop a screening program that is cost-effective and provides you the information you need to make a good hire. Greenlight, our user-friendly technology, takes much of the burden off your staff in administering the screening program and allows them to spend more time performing your organization’s mission.  Examples of our offerings for Volunteers include:




Suggested Healthcare Industry Package

  • Consent-Based Social Security Number Verification (CBSV)

  • Nationwide Multijurisdictional Criminal Search

  • Office of Inspector General Sanctions Search

  • County or Statewide Criminal Searches

  • Nationwide Sex Offender Search

  • Federal Criminal Search

  • Education Verification

  • Professional License Credential Verification

  • Drug Testing

  • Occupational Testing, if required to include physicals, TB testing, Chest X-rays, etc.


Custom Packages can also be created for your specific need​

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Suggested Healthcare Volunteers Package

  • Nationwide Multijurisdictional Criminal Search

  • Sex Offender

  • County or Statewide Criminal Searches

  • Motor Vehicle Report


Custom Packages can also be created for your specific needs.​

Consult With an Employee Screening Expert for Your Healthcare Business

MyHRScreens can provide your healthcare service business with a comprehensive and government-compliant employee screening program. For a free consultation about our services, contact Kim Lewis by email, (866) 899-8970 ext. 118, or by making an appointment using our scheduler below.

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