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Light Up Your Success With Greenlight


Greenlight is MyHRScreen’s dynamic employment screening workflow hub that lets employers perform better background checks more efficiently. With a sleek, easy-to-use interface, applicants can fill out forms, upload documents, and receive status updates on their mobile devices as well as a computer. Greenlight helps companies with increased customization, integrations and applicant experience.


Customizable background check capabilities and limitless applicant tracking system integration means you don’t have to accept a once-size-fits-all platform. With more than 2,000 configuration options, we can fine-tune the system to suit your unique needs.


Integration with most major HRIS/applicant tracking systems to provide an efficient onboarding process. If you aren’t using an HRIS or applicant tracking system, you can use our Applicant Invite feature that allows your new hire to enter in their information and sign the authorization form online. Your applicants can even schedule drug screening tests, physicals, TB Testing and other occupational testing services through the applicant portal.


Sleek, easy-to-use interface provides the applicant a friendly and efficient way to provide the information needed to perform their background check and schedule
their drug screening or occupational testing online. 

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