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Transportation Industry Specific Employee Screening

Transportation companies must ensure they are hiring the truckers that can meet DOT requirements
as well as the company’s security requirements. With our extensive experience in the transportation industry, we will provide the screening program you need.

In addition to criminal and verification screenings, MyHRScreens specializes in offering a comprehensive Occupational Health Screening Management program that provides an efficient solution for you and your applicants. Our extensive network provides you access to over 10,000 collection sites, including over 4,000 that support electronic chain of custodies.

Utilizing our Greenlight workflow hub, your applicants will receive an easy-to-use interface while your administrative team enjoys a customizable solution that can be integrated into most HRIS systems. In fact, our easy to use interface can also provide your applicant an electronic chain of custody for all of their occupational screenings eliminating the need for paper forms.


MyHRScreens has the expertise and technology to create a screening solution that meets your unique compliance needs and risk needs. 


Contact us today to learn more and set up your account to take
advantage of our industry leading customer service.

Suggested Transportation Industry Package

  • Nationwide Multijurisdictional Criminal Search

  • County or Statewide Criminal Searches

  • Nationwide Sex Offender Search

  • DOT Physicals

  • DOT Employment Verifications

  • DOT and Accident Information

  • Motor Vehicle Reports

  • DOT Drug Testing


Custom Packages can also be created for your specific need​

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