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Volunteer & Seasonal Employee Screening

Volunteers are the lifeblood of any non-profit organization. However, the same volunteers can tarnish the organization’s reputation or worse be involved in theft, violence or another act. It is important that organizations know who they are working with for the protection of their beneficiaries.

MyHRScreens can help you develop a screening program that is cost-effective and provides you the information you need to make a good hire. Our user-friendly workflow hub, Greenlight, takes much of the burden off your staff in administering the screening program and allows them to spend more time performing your organization’s mission.  Examples of our offerings for Volunteers include:

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Suggested Volunteers Package

  • Nationwide Multijurisdictional Criminal Search

  • Sex Offender

  • County or Statewide Criminal Searches

  • Motor Vehicle Report


Custom Packages can also be created for your specific need​

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