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Manufacturing Industry Employee Screening

Manufacturers must have an employee screening program that has the flexibility to ensure they are hiring the right person whether it is a C-suite position or someone that works on the floor. Each of these positions have a unique set of risks that must be addressed.

In addition to criminal and verification screenings, MyHRScreens specializes in offering a comprehensive Occupational Health Screening Management program that provides an efficient solution for you and your applicants. Our extensive network provides you access to over 10,000 collection sites, including over 4,000 that support electronic chain of custodies.

At MyHRScreens, we know there is no one size fits all that meets the needs of these different positions. Therefore, we offer a wide variety of screening solutions. Working with you we can develop custom packages for each of these positions to ensure you are hiring the best person for the job that meets your security requirements. Our user-friendly workflow hub, Greenlight, also allows you to perform your screening program in an efficient manner. Examples of our offerings that can be utilized to create the custom packages include:

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Suggested Manufacturing Industry Package

  • Nationwide Multijurisdictional Criminal Search

  • County or Statewide Criminal Searches

  • Nationwide Sex Offender Search

  • Motor Vehicle Report


Custom Packages can also be created for your specific need​

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