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Occupational Health Screening Management

MyHRScreens has the technology, integrations, networks and services to manage occupational health screening programs in one place. We seamlessly connect you to the largest selection of screening services, solutions and providers available. 


Simplify With One Chain of Custody

With many providers, occupational testing is more complicated than it should be. MyHRScreens Greenlight Workflow Hub provides you the ability to order your occupational health screenings as part of their employee screening package using one platform and provide your applicant one chain-of-custody for all of their occupational screens. In fact, we provide you access to the broadest network of electronic collection sites in the industry further simplifying the process for you and your applicant.

Drug Testing, Physical Exams and Clinical Services

MyHRScreens provides a wide variety of occupational testing to fit your needs. In addition to our drug testing solutions, we also offer a comprehensive list of services in both regulated and non-regulated environments for all of your occupational health and safety needs, including:

  • Physicals - DOT and Non-DOT

  • Vaccines (TDAP, HepB and more)

  • Vision/Hearing

  • Lift Tests

  • Paramedical (height, weight, blood pressure)

  • TB Testing

  • Respirator Tests

  • And Many More

Why MyHRScreens

MyHRScreens stands out as a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for managing occupational health screening programs. With a robust technology platform, seamless integrations, extensive networks and a wide range of services, we simplify the complex process of occupational testing. Our Greenlight Workflow Hub offers a single platform and one change of custody, streamlining the ordering process for both employers and applicants. Whether your require drug testing, physical exams, clinical services, or a combination of these, MyHRScreens provides a diverse array of options to meet your specific needs. With our commitment to customer service, convenience and efficiency, we empower organizations to prioritize occupational health testing with ease and confidence.

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