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Unmasking HRIS Integration Myths with Background Screening

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

In today's tech-driven world, the efficiency and effectiveness of human resources operations are heavily dependent on the seamless integration of various tools and platforms. Among these tools, the integration of background screening platforms with HR Information Systems (HRIS) has proven to be especially crucial. Yet, several myths and misconceptions surround this integration process. Let's debunk these myths and shed light on the reality of this integration.

Myth 1: Integrating Background Screening with HRIS is Cumbersome

This myth is perhaps the most prevalent. Many believe that the process of integrating a background check platform with an HRIS system is inherently complex, involving several manual steps, technical challenges, and potential mismatches between the two platforms.

Modern background screening platforms, especially those like MyHRScreens' Greenlight, are designed with integration in mind. They come with pre-built connectors, easy-to-use APIs, and robust technical support. In fact, Greenlight already integrates with over 60 HRIS systems. This focus on integrations ensures the process is not only smooth but also can be achieved with minimal technical expertise.

Myth 2: It Requires A Lot of Time

Another common misconception is the notion that integration will be a long, drawn-out process, potentially disrupting HR operations and workflow. This misconception often leads HR personnel to put off integrations and continue using more manual workflow processes.

With platforms like MyHRScreens' Greenlight, integration can often be accomplished quickly and efficiently. The modular design of such platforms allows for a plug-and-play experience. Furthermore, continuous support and user-friendly interfaces ensure that HR professionals can manage this process effectively without significant downtime or disruption.

Myth 3: Integration is Not Secure

Data security is a valid concern for all businesses. The myth here is that integrating two platforms creates vulnerabilities, putting sensitive employee data at risk.

Quality background screening platforms prioritize security. For instance, MyHRScreens' Greenlight workflow hub focuses on data security and has the security measures in place to ensure your data stays secure. When integrating with reputable HRIS systems, the entire ecosystem remains secure, ensuring that employee data is protected at all times.

Myth 4: Maintenance is a Nightmare

There's a belief that once integration occurs, maintaining the link between the background screening platform and HRIS system becomes a continuous challenge, requiring constant monitoring and troubleshooting.

The truth is, once integrated, these platforms often run seamlessly. Regular updates, automated syncing, and real-time alerts ensure that HR professionals are always in the loop without being burdened by continuous maintenance. It is important that company's select background screening partners that offer comprehensive customer support, addressing any rare issues that might arise promptly.

Myth 5: Integration Offers Minimal ROI

Some argue that the effort and costs associated with integration might outweigh the benefits, offering minimal return on investment.

By integrating background screening with HRIS, companies can automate many manual tasks, reduce errors, ensure compliance and consistent screening among similar employee classes, and expedite the hiring process. This not only saves time and resources but also enhances the candidate experience and ensures that organizations onboard the right talent quickly. The ROI, when considering these benefits, is often significant.

In Conclusion

While myths around the integration of background screening platforms with HRIS systems persist, the actual landscape is much more optimistic. With advanced solutions like MyHRScreens' Greenlight workflow hub, integration is no longer a daunting task but an opportunity to enhance, streamline, and optimize HR operations. As with many technological advancements, understanding and leveraging the reality can lead to transformative benefits for organizations.

MyHRScreens' Can Provide The Efficient Integration You Need

MyHRScreens' Greenlight workflow hub offers a seamless integration for over 60 HRIS systems. Contact us today at, 866-899-8970 ext 118 or schedule an appointment convenient for you HERE.


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