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Unlocking HR Efficiency: The Synergy of MyHRConcierge and MyHRScreens

Updated: Jun 19

In the dynamic landscape of Human Resources (HR) management, efficiency and accuracy are crucial. HR professionals are constantly seeking innovative solutions to streamline their processes, while maintaining compliance and ensuring the well-being of their workforce. MyHRConcierge and MyHRScreens are two companies that employers can use together to simplify and streamline their HR needs. Read more to explore how these service solutions complement one another, and why they should be used in tandem for optimal results.


 Table of Contents 

Understanding MyHRConcierge 

MyHRConcierge provides a comprehensive HR management service to clients in all 50 states. MyHRConcierge offers solutions ranging from simplifying administrative tasks, to enhancing compliance to providing a hands-on approach to remote support. We offer a diverse array of features, including HR Risk Mitigation Tools, Benefits Administration and Employee Screening.  With its user-friendly interface and customizable functionalities, MyHRConcierge empowers HR professionals to efficiently manage their day-to-day operations.  

Exploring MyHRScreens  

On the other hand, MyHRScreens provides services focused on screening services and background checks. It allows HR teams to conduct thorough background checks on potential hires, ensuring they meet the necessary qualifications and adhere to company policies and industry regulations. MyHRScreens offers services ranging from resume verifications, comprehensive criminal screening, MVR’s, Nationwide drug testing and occupational testing. MyHRScreens streamlines the screening process using its best-in-class workflow hub, Greenlight. Greenlight enables HR professionals to make informed hiring decisions quickly and confidently.  

The Synergy Between MyHRConcierge and MyHRScreens 

 While MyHRConcierge excels in HR administration and employee management, MyHRScreens complements it by offering specialized screening capabilities. Through integrating these two service solutions, HR teams can create a seamless workflow from recruitment to onboarding and beyond. Here's how they work hand in hand:  

1. Efficient Onboarding Process 

MyHRConcierge facilitates the onboarding process, offering Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) myHIRE. MyHIRE allows for the creation of job listings, tracking submissions, and hiring the best employees. MyHRScreens allows HR professionals to seamlessly conduct background checks and resume verifications during the hiring process, ensuring compliance and minimizing administrative burden. Opting to use myHIRE and MyHRScreens together, employers can efficiently and effectively streamline the hiring and onboarding processes.  

2. Enhanced Compliance 

MyHRConcierge helps HR teams stay compliant and up to date regarding any and all laws surrounding hiring, terminations, leave, etc. MyHRScreens adds an extra layer of compliance by ensuring that candidates meet the necessary qualifications and background requirements. Therefore, this will reduce the risk of hiring liabilities, all in accordance to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).  

3. Streamlined Talent Acquisition 

MyHRScreens streamlines the candidate screening process, allowing HR professionals to identify qualified candidates efficiently. Once a candidate is selected, MyHRConcierge facilitates the transition for the employer ensuring a smooth onboarding experience. From applicant to employee, we can ensure a seamless transition. 

4. Improved Decision-Making 

By using the data, insights and services provided by both partners, HR professionals can make informed decisions throughout the employee lifecycle. Whether it's hiring, managing benefits or addressing performance issues, having access to comprehensive information enhances decision-making capabilities.  

Unlocking HR Efficiency  

In today's fast-paced business environment, HR professionals need tools that enable them to work smarter, not harder. MyHRConcierge and MyHRScreens offers a powerful combination of capabilities that streamline HR processes, enhance compliance and improve decision-making. By pairing together MyHRConcierge and MyHRScreens, organizations can optimize their HR operations. Allow time to focus on what truly matters – nurturing a talented, qualified and engaged workforce.   

To learn more about what MyHRConcierge and MyHRScreens can do for your company, contact MyHRScreens today at 866-899-8970 ext. 118, and MyHRConcierge at 855-538-6947 ext.108, Or, schedule a convenient consultation below:   


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