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The Trend of Volunteers Paying For Their Background Checks

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

The non-profit landscape thrives on the synergy between associations and their valued volunteers. However, the necessity of background checks, particularly for positions involving children, vulnerable adults, and sensitive data, adds an unavoidable cost to the process. With a large number of volunteers, these costs can divert vital dollars away from the association’s mission. A growing trend for associations is providing volunteers the option to pay for their own background checks directly to the background screening company if financially able. This approach offers a myriad of benefits not only to the associations but also to the volunteers themselves.

Why Volunteers Would be Inclined to Pay for Background Checks

The question that arises, then, is why volunteers would willingly pay for their background checks. The answer to this lies in the fundamental motive behind volunteering: helping others. People volunteer because they want to contribute to a cause they deeply care about. By paying for their background checks, they can ensure that more of the organization's resources go towards their mission rather than administrative costs.

Moreover, by paying for their own background checks, volunteers take control of their personal data. They can directly interact with the background check provider and ensure their information is used appropriately and securely.

How It Helps the Organization

When volunteers pay for their own background checks, it helps the association by reducing costs, increased efficiency, and volunteer commitment:

Cost Reduction

The most immediate benefit of allowing volunteers to pay for their background checks is the reduction in costs for the associations. The funds previously allocated for screening can be channeled to other vital areas such as infrastructure, supplies, training programs, or even marketing and outreach, thereby maximizing the potential impact of their services.

Screening Efficiency

By working with a reputable Consumer Reporting Agency, such as MyHRScreens, the association can select the background check requirements and even negotiate the background check pricing. An online platform can then be utilized that:

  • allows volunteers to submit their information and pay for the screening online

  • provide associations access to review the screening results online to ensure they are reviewing unchanged reports.

Using this technology can make the process quicker, more efficient, more secure, and potentially allow volunteers to start their roles sooner.

Volunteer Engagement and Commitment

When volunteers choose to pay for their own background checks, it signifies a level of commitment and engagement. This willingness to invest in the association can strengthen the bond between the volunteer and the organization, fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility. It may also lead to increased volunteer retention, as volunteers who have invested in the process are likely to be more committed to their roles and remain engaged for a longer period of time.

By providing volunteers with the option of paying for their background check, associations can unlock significant savings, enhancing their ability to serve their constituents and further their missions. Meanwhile, volunteers, driven by a spirit of altruism and commitment, can benefit from increased involvement and ownership in their roles. It's a win-win strategy, fostering a more engaged, empowered, and effective volunteering community.

MyHRScreens Can Help With Your Volunteer Background Check Program

MyHRScreens has the experience and technology to provide- you a flexible volunteer screening program that meets your needs. Contact us today to learn more at 866-899-8970 ext 118 or or schedule an appointment today HERE.


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