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How To Communicate With Your Screening Experts Directly To Save Time And Money.

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

It’s “go time” for hiring! Industries are continuing to feel the strain of the pandemic into 2022 while trying to hire for vacant positions. The script goes something like this: A promising candidate comes in the door with a strong resumé and a nice disposition and it looks promising. Now the true work must begin to confirm the quality and credibility of the candidate. Employees are part of your corporate brand, reputation, and success, therefore hiring a trustworthy and reputable worker is very important.

At this point, employee screening information is run and appropriate background checks are performed, only to discover that their resumé contains false information, or the candidate has omitted information about a criminal record.

As a company that hires frequently, you’ll want to make sure that you get the most accurate information, while not wasting valuable resources by discovering that incomplete background screenings were run.

This is not an uncommon scenario in the world of employee screening. This is why it is essential to work directly with your screening expert to customize your screening package so that you can work efficiently as you process through your job candidates and run a screening package that will work to your advantage.

A good screening expert will listen before providing the solution.

Listening skills are at the very basic foundation of customer service. By listening to your client they will tell you what they need, this is a strong start to creating the screening package that will service your industry, whether it be healthcare, engineering, retail, etc. while saving you money.

Customization matters and saves you time and money.

Every organization has diverse requirements and hiring for some roles requires a different type of due diligence than others, which means that screening needs to be conducted on a per position basis and customized to the employer's unique needs. Every employer should order specific products that drill down into the elements of a candidate's background for the specific business, industry, and position.

Don't just pick the lowest cost option, rather a solution that truly suits your needs. your ordering package can be customized to make your ordering easy and free of confusion.

Employers can move forward by hiring with confidence.

It’s important to get your hiring right the first time. Recruiting and hiring while the nation struggles to recover from the coronavirus pandemic continues to be a top concern. In fact, Turnover reached a new high as 4.5 million workers quit their jobs in November, according to the Labor Department’s latest Job Openings and Labor Turnover report. The takeaway from this is that rushing to fill a position, only to find out that you have hired someone that can put your entire company at risk, is far more costly than doing the work to ensure you have a quality candidate for the job.

For detailed questions about employee screening, let MyHRScreens help. Contact today to ask questions or set up an appointment.

For more information regarding HR policies during the COVID-19 crisis or assistance with other HR needs, contact MyHRConcierge at 1-855-538-6947 x.108 or email


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