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The Importance of Leveraging Verifications in Background Screening

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In today's competitive business landscape, ensuring the security and reliability of your workforce is paramount. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is through comprehensive background screening. Verifications help to enhance hiring decisions and confirm that your candidates are being truthful and transparent about their credentials, education history, references and more.  

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Why Leveraging Verifications Is Crucial for Your Business 


Ensuring Accuracy and Reliability 

Verifications in background screening provide crucial insights into an individual's claims, such as their educational qualifications, employment history, professional licenses and certifications. By verifying this information, businesses can significantly reduce the risk of hiring candidates who misrepresent themselves or their credentials, and save their company time and money in the process. 

Proactively screening potential candidates during the pre-employment process helps to weed out individuals who do not possess the required qualifications or who may have misrepresented their past employment experiences. It is important to have candidates who truthfully hold the skills needed to fill a desired position, for the employer to confidently hire a candidate they know they can rely on. 


Mitigating Legal and Compliance Risks 

Mitigating legal and compliance risks through thorough verifications in background screening is essential for every employer. In today's regulatory environment, organizations are obligated to uphold stringent standards to maintain workplace safety and adhere to laws like the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) in the United States. This legislation mandates that employers follow specific procedures when conducting background checks to protect applicants' rights and ensure the accuracy of information used for employment decisions.


Failure to conduct proper verifications can expose businesses to significant legal liabilities, including lawsuits for negligent hiring practices. Such liabilities not only incur financial penalties but also damage the company's reputation and credibility within the industry and among stakeholders. By leveraging comprehensive verifications, employers demonstrate a commitment to compliance with regulatory requirements. This proactive approach not only mitigates legal risks but also fosters a culture of accountability and trust.  

Furthermore, robust verification processes contribute to safeguarding the integrity of hiring decisions. They provide documented evidence that due diligence was exercised in assessing candidates' qualifications and backgrounds, thereby minimizing the potential for discriminatory practices or unfair treatment. 


Protecting Company Reputation 

Hiring individuals who present falsified credentials or have a questionable employment history poses significant risks to your organization's credibility and standing. Such hires can not only undermine the integrity of your workforce but also damage relationships with clients, partners, and investors who rely on your company's reputation for reliability and trustworthiness. 

Upholding rigorous verification practices demonstrates your commitment to ethical hiring standards and transparency. It reassures stakeholders that your organization prioritizes accuracy and accountability in its recruitment processes. This proactive approach not only mitigates the risk of reputational damage but also enhances your company's standing as a responsible employer within the industry. 


Enhance Hiring Decisions and Employee Retention with Verification


Accurate verifications enable informed hiring decisions based on verified data rather than assumptions or incomplete information. This leads to better employee fit, improved retention rates and reduced turnover costs. Employees hired through thorough verified screening processes are more likely to stay longer and contribute positively to your organization's success. 

Ultimately, leveraging verifications in background screening is not just about compliance with regulatory standards but also about fostering a culture of transparency, reliability and trust within the workplace. It sets a strong precedent for ethical business practices and contributes to long-term organizational success. 


How MyHRScreens Can Help 

 At MyHRScreens, we understand the critical importance of comprehensive background screening and verification. Our tailored solutions include robust verification services that cater to your specific needs


  • Education Verification: The Education verification will confirm that an applicant has a high school diploma, undergraduate or graduate degree. Dates of attendance and current enrollment are also verified. 

  • Employment Verification: The Employment verification verifies dates of employment, job title, salary if applicable, reason for leaving and any comments the verifier provides. We can set this product to catch all employment for a period of 5, 7 or 10 years and allows the candidate to provide details on any employment gaps. 

  • Professional License Verification: The Professional License verification will confirm that a professional license is valid and in force. 

  •  Professional Reference Verification: Professional references are verified through phone, email or our veribot service, all questions asked during the verification can be customized by the client to suit their needs. 

Our dedicated team of HR professionals utilizes advanced technology, such as Greenlight, and industry best practices to deliver accurate and timely results, enabling you to make informed hiring decisions with confidence. MyHRScreens also offers county, statewide and nationwide federal criminal background checks, along with a plethora of other verification and pre-employment screening needs. 

Contact MyHRScreens today at 866-899-8970 ext. 118, or to learn more about how our comprehensive screening can support your background screening and verification needs and help you build a trusted and reliable workforce. Or, schedule a convenient consultation below: 


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