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Different Industries Have Different Screening Needs. Here’s The Scoop.

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

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Different industries have different industry screening needs. The transportation, distribution, manufacturing, and healthcare industries all have different employment needs, and balancing the demand for new hires and safety for these various industries is something companies are challenged by. With the influx of employee hiring in these industries in these post-pandemic times, the need for qualified and stable individuals remains a priority.

Avoid hiring mistakes due to overwhelming demand

With an increase in hiring in industries such as these and more, it’s tempting to hire now and figure out the details later. This is an unnecessary risk and can lead to big hiring issues later.

In a recent example, a food delivery service company was sued for negligent hiring when one of their delivery personnel stabbed a restaurant owner. Because the company used inaccurate background check results when hiring, the company is at fault. With many companies trying to speed up their hiring process, to get ahead of the competition, screening reports can miss crimes that candidates have committed. A reputable hiring company that is experienced in different industries can help prevent this risk.

Along with reports that leave out crimes, inaccurate background checks may also assign incorrect records to innocent applicants. Either way, you could get stuck with a lawsuit for using incorrect results to make hires.

How can you be sure you do NOT receive inaccurate results?

  • Use a background check company that ensures accuracy.

  • Send a copy of the results to your applicant to review before you decide.

  • Prepare an adverse action process. This process informs candidates that you may choose not to hire them based on background check results. It also allows time for candidates to dispute incorrect information.\

  • Continue to follow federal and local screening laws. Breaking a single screening law can drag you into an expensive lawsuit.

  • Research your area’s background check laws. Start with federal laws like the FCRA. Then look at regulations specific to your state and city.

  • Use a knowledgeable background check company.A reliable screening company can help you ensure your procedures are legal.

Breaking background check laws can land your business in an expensive legal mess. Knowing the laws will help you avoid this.

On-demand industries have specific industry screening needs.

As jobs pop up, due to demand, thes hires must be vetted quickly. These are some things that are important to many on-demand industries, examples of which are (but not limited to) medical, transportation, distribution, & manufacturing:

  • Credential & Licensing.

  • Credit background check.

  • Criminal records history.

  • Driving & Motor vehicle screening.

  • Drug and alcohol test.Pre-Employment drug screening is subject to government regulations, industry oversight, and your own employment drug testing policy.

  • Education background check verification.

  • Employment verification.

  • I-9 & E-Verify Background Checks.

  • Identity Verification & Address History.

  • Reference Verification.

  • Sex offender status.

  • Social Media (FCRA Compliant) Screening

Do You Have Multiple Departments? Use A Screening Company That Can Simplify While Keeping You FCRA Compliant

Working with a screening company when you have various departments can be complex. A team such as MyHRScreens can help you customize your ordering and billing experience, to ensure FCRA compliance. Some of the benefits of the MyHRScreens process include:

  • Location specific ordering options

  • Consolidated billing subtotaled by department

  • Consistent and transparent pricing

  • Specialize in employment verifications of professional credentials

  • Screening can be tailored to a hiring class of employees for FCRA compliance

  • Industry specific screening solutions designed for you make your job easier

Let MyHRScreens help your specific business prepare correctly and specifically with your industry in mind. Contact klewis@myhrscreens today to ask questions or set up an appointment.


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