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Manufacturing Industry Employee Screening Isn't Just For New Hires

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

Person working in manufacturing plant.

The manufacturing industry is under constant demands to quickly produce a quality product. With notoriously high turnover, as well as a high risk of workplace accidents it makes sense for a manufacturer to continually screen employees. Screening employees reduces the chance for a poor hiring choice to become a liability. Screening can decrease the risk of hiring an unreliable employee, reduce turnover, and help to maintain an OSHA certified safe workplace.

Using a quality background check company such as MyHRScreens will not only protect your company, but also help create a safe work environment.  In an industry such as this, ongoing drug testing can be a crucial component to maintaining high safety standards, especially for those candidates who will be operating heavy machinery, dangerous equipment or toxic chemicals. This can make the difference in your safety and success as a business.

The Many Benefits Of A Drug Free Workplace

Many federal and state laws require that companies that bid or work on federal or state construction projects must have a drug-free workplace program no matter how many employees they have. This applies to contractors and all levels of subcontractors who want to work on a government construction project, who wants to bid on and/or provide labor services, and/or supervise workers on construction sites. Even employers with no employees must have at least a drug-free program in place that meets the basic requirements.

The Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 requires some Federal contractors and all Federal grantees to agree that they will provide drug-free workplaces as a condition of receiving a contract or grant from a Federal agency. To ensure this, ongoing drug testing is imperative.

Since the Act applies to each contract or grant on a case-by-case basis, coverage is determined by the Federal contract for which you are applying. Even though you may not be required to provide a drug-free workplace for all your employees, you may find it cost-effective to do so — and a good way to protect your workers and your business profits.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration*, Office of Applied Studies, among 55.3 million adult binge drinkers, 44.0 million, or 79.4% were employed. Of 16.4 million persons reporting heavy alcohol use, 13.1 million, 79.6% were employed.

Perform Post-Accident Drug Screening For Protection

Organizations in the manufacturing, or construction industry are faced with constant deadlines and safety issues that require a compliant non-discriminatory background screening process. Maintaining and promoting a drug and hostile-free work environment should be paramount for organizations. When an accident occurs, workman’s comp claims can possibly increase premiums. This can cut into your bottom line and affect a company rating for 3 years. In many states performing post-accident drug tests can ensure that if an employee was under the influence, a positive drug test will preclude the employer from the worker’s comp claim, helping your reputation as well as your wallet.

MyHRScreens Specializes in Manufacturing Industry Employee Screening

Due to high workplace accidents and mandatory state and federal audits, organizations in manufacturing should have a robust and compliant background screening program.

Manufacturing industry employee screening may include the following:

  • Employment Physicals

  • Criminal Searches

  • Drug and Alcohol Testing

  • Occupational Testing

  • Employment Verification

  • Criminal Monitoring

MyHRScreens has the knowledge, experience and services to provide manufacturers with the employee screening program they need to protect their company.

Let us help you by connecting you to a comprehensive screening program. For more questions about employee screening contact at 866-899-8970 xt 118.


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