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NationSearch is now MyHRScreens

Click on the document below 

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With transition come some slight adjustments, we're here to help.


So who is MyHRScreens?


MyHRScreens is a premier background check and screening company that utilizes the very platform that you currently use. You can take comfort in knowing that order placing and retrieving results will remain the same. You will also find that accuracy and turnaround will be ensured. 


With MyHRScreens you’ll enjoy:

  • Accuracy in Results

  • Fast Turnaround

  • FCRA certified experts that can decipher results and solve problems

  • Hands-on customer service

  • A broad offering of products and services



So what’s next?


We are sharing some things to expect in the coming days to ensure that you are well informed.


Your software platform will remain the same.

MyHRScreens utilizes the very platform that you currently use. There will be the comfort in knowing that order placing and retrieving results will remain the same. Once we have your account migrated over, the only thing that will change for you will be to select a new password. 

Create a new password

Our client security is paramount in everything we do, changing the password will ensure confidence in that security. This is an added measure we are taking to protect you and your information.

To create a new password click here. PORTAL FROM KIM


Step-by-step start-up guide.

Click here to view and print your MyHRScreens start-up guide.


We stand ready to provide you with a seamless transition and we are here to serve your needs with the highest level of care and professionalism. 

Our team is well versed in all aspects of compliance, and we stand ready to put decades of screening experience to work for you every day! 

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