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Solid Screening Sets You Up

For Hiring Success.

We know turnover can affect your success. 
Be sure your hire checks out to avoid turnover
and strengthen your team.


Our Screening Services Include:

High Speed Criminal Database Searches:

  • Multi-jurisdictional search of proprietary databases compiled from multiple sources consisting of court records, incarceration records, prison/inmate records, probation/parole/release information, arrest data and warrants

  • Incorporates 50 state sex offender lists, Terrorist Watch Lists, FBI Most Wanted Lists and many more

County Criminal Record Searches

  • 100% nationwide coverage through automated real-time search in 1,800 county level jurisdictions

International Checks

  • With over 3,000 products covering over 240 countries, we can provide you the global coverage you need in your international screening program

Healthcare Industry Screening

  • Examines multiple state and federal sources to assist in the identification of health care providers who may have histories of federal or state-level disciplinary actions or disqualifications or may otherwise place your organization at risk

Motor Vehicle Records

  • Includes DMV searches in all 50 states and the District of Columbia

Drug Testing

  • Wide variety of available drug testing options with and without THC

  • Access to over 4,000 collections sites nationwide

  • Medical Review Officer Services

  • Random Program Management


Occupational Health Screening

  • Physical Examinations

  • Vaccinations/Immunizations

  • TB Testing

Resume Verifications

Identity Verification


Social Security Number Trace

Two people going through background check
Healthcare Industry

Packages can be created specifically for the healthcare industry including:

  • Criminal

  • Sanctions

  • License verification

  • Drug Tests

Customize Your Screening


Financial Industry Specific

Packages can be created specifically for the financial industry including:

  • Criminal

  • License Verification

  • Resume Verification

  • Drug Tests


Retail Industry Specific

Packages ca be created specifically for the Retail Industry:

  • Built for the unique needs of each position

  • Criminal

  • Resume Verifications

  • Drug Tests

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