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The Case for Outsourcing Drug and Health Screening Programs

Employers screening employment candidates.

When you find a candidate who you believe is perfect for the role you are hiring for, the nuances of pre-employment screening can prolong the hiring process, if not done efficiently and effectively. Drug and health screening programs play a pivotal role in the onboarding process, but managing them internally can be complex and resource intensive. This blog explores the benefits of outsourcing these programs and why MyHRScreens stands out as a premier partner in this critical area. 

Outsourcing drug and health screening programs allows companies to refocus internal resources on core business functions, as opposed to spending unnecessary time tracking down results and/or following up on these screenings' status. By entrusting these specialized tasks to the expert team of MyHRScreens, organizations can enhance operational efficiency and productivity. 

Table of Contents

Expertise and Compliance 

Navigating the intricacies of drug and health screening regulations requires expertise and diligence. MyHRScreens boasts a team of seasoned professionals who stay abreast of evolving compliance standards, ensuring that all screenings adhere to legal requirements and industry best practices. 

Our experts are not only well-versed in current compliance standards but also proactively monitor industry developments and regulatory updates. By partnering with MyHRScreens, organizations benefit from our comprehensive knowledge base and proactive approach to compliance. 


Comprehensive Screening Solutions 

From pre-employment drug tests to various health screenings, MyHRScreens offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet diverse organizational needs. Their customizable programs provide flexibility while maintaining rigorous standards of accuracy and confidentiality, according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).  

In addition to drug-testing, physicals and TB Testing, MyHRScreens provides a wide range of services including but not limited to: 

  • Respirator Qualitative 

  • Respirator Fit Quantitative 

  • Respirator Fit Physical 

  • TDAP Vaccines 

  • HepB Vaccines 




Outsourcing drug and health screening programs can yield significant cost savings compared to maintaining in-house capabilities. MyHRScreens leverages economies of scale and advanced technology to deliver high-quality services at competitive rates, enabling businesses to optimize their budget allocations. 

Visit to get a quote for competitive pricing. On this page, you will also find featured packages as well as additional service add-ons. 


Enhanced Candidate and Employee Experience 

At MyHRScreens, we understand that the candidate and employee experience is pivotal to organizational success. Not only that, but smooth and efficient screening processes also contribute to a positive candidate and employee experience. MyHRScreens utilizes several integration tools to make your job easier. One example is Greenlight, a “dynamic employment screening workflow hub that allows employers to perform better background checks more efficiently.”  

By choosing MyHRScreens, organizations not only benefit from industry-leading screening services but also uphold a commitment to creating a positive and supportive environment for their workforce. 



Why Should You Allow MyHRScreens to Help with Outsourcing Drug and Health Screening Programs? 

 MyHRScreens distinguishes itself as a trusted partner in the realm of pre-employment screening. We have a proven track record; with years of experience and a commitment to excellence, MyHRScreens has earned a reputation for reliability and accuracy. MyHRScreens offers customizable solutions, such as tailored programs to ensure alignment with organizational objectives and regulatory requirements. Finally, MyHRScreens takes a technology-driven approach; with the utilization of cutting-edge technology, like Greenlight, your organization can ensure enhanced efficiency and data security throughout the screening process. 



Outsourcing drug and health screening programs to MyHRScreens represents a strategic decision for organizations seeking to prioritize safety, compliance and efficiency. By partnering with a trusted industry leader, organizations can streamline operations, reduce costs, and uphold high standards of workplace integrity.

Contact MyHRScreens today at 866-899-8970 ext. 118,, or schedule a convenient consultation below to learn more about how our comprehensive screening solutions can benefit your company's workforce management strategy. 


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